Saturday, June 1, 2013

Teenage Chickens

Today we took a trip to Agway to gather some chick supplies.  Bedding, food, grit (did you know they need to eat this rocky stuff to help digest food from outside?), a larger feeder and water container among other things like chicken scratch and dichotomous earth.   While at Agway we took a peek at the chicks waiting for a home and were amazed at how tiny they are compared to our now pullet sized chicks. Our brood of eight lovely ladies are now true gawky teenagers compared to the cute balls of fuzz they once were.  They have grown so quickly and are starting to grow their combs as well as feathers on most of their bodies.  The roost and dust themselves, but still love to play and compete with each other.  

 In other Foreman farm news, the tomatoes and peppers have been transplanted the the herbs are starting to resemble what they will be as adult herbs.  The lettuce and rosemary are yet to be planted.  Good thing we like to eat.

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