Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bunnies Vs Rabbits

Last night while looking out of our bay window, the kids and I spotted a rabbit hopping in the yard.  This is not an uncommon sight for us.  However as the rabbit hopped to the right, we saw a small, grey mound of fur hop after.  Instantly we were all glued to the window as mommy rabbit nursed baby bunny and as they hopped after each other under the maple tree.  As the sun began to set the kids continued to watch and make sure the bunny was protected by his mommy and I marveled at the small size of the creature.  I am sure by the end of the summer; it will be difficult for us to distinguish the mother from the baby as he continues to grow.
My bunnies are rapidly growing too.  My oldest bunny is now 12 and almost as tall as I am.  His voice is becoming deeper and he has his own style and ideas.  He mows the lawn and rides his bike to the store to gather items we need.  Still, when the light is right and his smile big, I still see my little bunny giggling at my jokes or playing cars under the maple tree for hours.  

My middle bunny is now 9 and a lovely little lady.  She has a natural nurture instinct and loves to care for animals, taking care of the neighbors chickens daily.  She is almost in women’s clothing and already wears shoes larger than many women in our family.    She loves to cook for us and has even made recipes with flamb√© in the directions.   Yet, when she cuddles in my arms after a long day I can still see my little bunny toddling around the yard and playing in the mud or tripping while trying to walk in daddy’s shoes, which are not that big anymore.

My youngest bunny is still very much a bunny, though she is rapidly moving on.  She loves to sing and dance and has her own opinion on style and life.  She independently plays and is content to play at a friend’s house without me.  She can reach the bathroom sink and takes showers, not baths anymore.  Still, when she hugs me tight and looks up at me with her tired eyes, I can still see my little bunny who loves to listen to lullabies and be rocked to sleep.

Lives moves so quickly and before you know it, the summer is over and bunny has become rabbit.  While I will miss the bunny days, I am enjoying the journey of having young rabbits and the joys that this season of life brings.  

Lord, thank You for the blessing of my lovely bunnies.  Thank You for watching over them as they grow and guiding us as we enter new seasons.  By Your Grace, we continue to learn and grow together and for that we are truly grateful.  Amen.

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. - Proverbs 16:9