Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forecation - Part 1 - The Crabs

This week of family vacation was filled with sunshine, family time, crabbing, boogie boarding, games, fishing and just plain fun.  One of the coolest things about the house we rented was the dock out back from which we could crab on a daily basis.  Not only did we catch the crabs, but we caught enough for a a mini meal for us all.  

Ben and Brad also found this as an opportunity to scan for minnows to use for future fishing needs.  They caught so many minnows that Ben was thinking of starting a part time business selling them to fishermen at the point.



At low tide the mud was very thick and black near the dock.  The first day, Brad dared his girlfriend Shyla to jump in, tricking her with how thick it was.  As you can see, you cannot stand on the mud and it gets quite deep.  She was not impressed.

Eventually the crabs started rolling in and the crew was reeling them in, lifting them out and measuring them for keeping status.  There was also a little bit of fun to be had with the punchy, hard shelled sea creatures.

Don't mess with a crab on the loose, they are not trying to hold your hand out of love and that is not a new dance move.  Though, perhaps it should be.  Raise your arms and snap your hands around.  Now stomp to the left and dive in the water....Do the Crab!

He's a keeper...sorry buddy but you will taste lovely with Old Bay and melted butter tonight.

 This one might be a bit small, what do you think?  Time to throw the net out for more dinner! 

Everyone takes turns checking the nets and sometimes they even lose the nets in the mud.  Not naming any names...but give you one guess who lost the most nets.  She is not pictured here and her name starts with and "L"....

Time for dinner and to enjoy our catch today.  A lot of work, but delicious reward.

As the sun sets on this crab filled day, we rest comfortably with our bellies full and our traps ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Ahhhh, that looks lovely! I would have loved playing in that mud!