Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Louise and Chick - A Love Story

Louise and Chick have been married 65 years.  For six and a half decades, over half a century, through several wars, births, and many deaths of friends and loved ones they have shared their life and love together.  At the ages of 95 and 87 they still live together in their home, supporting each other.  Louise continues to cook for and cleans up after Chick, while he still sings to and entertains her.   They kiss each other good night and good morning and often share an embrace throughout the day.  This week Chick was taken to the hospital for severely elevated blood sugar (he is diabetic) and at 95 he is fearful he will not return home to his love alive again.  Each day Louise diligently visits him at the hospital, making sure he eats and is comfortable as he can be.   She too is afraid that he may never come home to the place they built together decades ago.  While thoughts of making herself sick so she can be with him in the hospital have crossed her mind, common sense tells her that she can better care for him with the strength of a healthy woman.  Sleepless nights and long, quiet days have however killed her appetite and she too is becoming frail.

Each time Louise enters the hospital room, Chick lights up and cannot help but smile brightly, just as he did the first time he saw her walk into the dance almost seven decades ago.  Louise quickly rushes over to give him a hug and kiss the best she can while he is in the hospital bed, IVs attached to his arm.  The look of concern washes over her face as she asks how he is feeling, and though he cannot hear her he knows what she is asking by her face and lets her know he is well but desperate to go home.  

“How long do I have to be here?  Why can’t I go home?  Will I ever make it home alive?” he inquires with frustration and fear evident in his voice.  

Louise laughs and says. “Of course you will!” and goes about straightening his blankets and readying him for lunch.   

For hours she sits by his side, watching him sleep and smiling with love when he wakes, singing to her or just giving her hand a little squeeze.

Louise and Chick continue to wait for what is yet to come and as he grows in strength their hope of a healthy homecoming grows.  They are fully aware though, that it is not in their hands and that God can call you home at anytime.  They are grateful for all the years that they have had together on this Earth, regardless of what tomorrow or even the next hour may bring.

A love like Louise and Chick’s is so amazing, true and awe inspiring.  The love they share so openly is a true testament to the love of God.  While there is much sadness and uncertainty in their lives right now, it is only because of the blessing they have been given and have shared in each other.   We all strive to find the perfect partner to travel this Earthly life with and through the grace of God, Louise and Chick have found that match.  Without the love of Christ, there could be no love story like Louise and Chick.  Without the love of Christ, there could be no love at all.

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 
(1 John 4:8)