Friday, March 9, 2012

Brown Days

Well, I guess it had to happen.  I found a gray hair, actually a pure white hair.  I did not pluck it, rather I am enjoying admiring and staring at it for the last couple of weeks.  I earned that white hair and I am sure I will earn many more in the years ahead.  Each time I catch a glimpse of the hair, I start to imagine life in my future white years.   

I imagine myself, a Grandmother of many, sitting on my porch with a pure white bun on my head.   Smiling into the sunshine, I rock away on my white, wooden rocking chair, waiting for my family to join me for Sunday dinner, as they do every week.  The smell of roasted chicken with the fixings wafts through the air.  Bob is out back, working on the screen door that squeaks when the wind blows it open, humming his favorite song of that day. Slowly rising and coming to the front porch, Bob gives me a kiss on the cheek and joins me in his rocker on the front porch.  We smile at each other as a warm breeze blows the wisps of white hair that have wriggled free from my soft bun.  Bob reaches for my hand and we sit together.  I join in singing to the song he has been humming and we look out onto the world before us, ever changing, ever growing and ever there.  The slam of car doors followed by the laughter and voices of young children fill the air and soon we are greeted by our children and grand children, ready to enjoy each other this fine Sunday afternoon.  Flooded by little hugs and stories of school, soccer games and choir concerts a content peace warms my heart.

For now I am still in my brown days, full of other joys like the laughter and voices of my own children.   Flooded by hugs and stories of school and being the one to flood others with stories of soccer games, swim meets and choir concerts.  For now I enjoy the soft kisses of my little ones, try to steal moments with Bob and hope to create traditions that continue into my future white years.

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.” (NIV) - Proverbs 16:31


  1. That's a great verse!! I'm going to repeat it over and over as I admire my grey hairs...the many, many I have!

  2. You're only finding your first white/gray hair now?! As for the song that Bob will be humming in the future, not dubstep?

    1. Are you saying I am old and should have gone gray sooner? No Dubstep, I am sure it would be Sia.