Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crafting - Resurrection Eggs

Recently while trying to come up with a craft idea for our Junior Youth group, I came across the idea of Resurrection Eggs.  Resurrection Eggs help to tell the story of Jesus’ resurrection in a memorable way for younger children.  The eggs can be purchased completed, but there are also many people out there that have created their own sets, which is what we did this past Friday as a group.  The junior youth group consists of kids in grades 1-6 and they all seemed to enjoy making the craft as well as learning the story to go with the eggs.  Since the story of Jesus’ resurrection is detailed and full of many important points, it can be tricky to limit it to just twelve verses and events for the eggs created and there are many suggestions floating around, but below is the “recipe” that we used to make our own Resurrection Egg sets.

You Need:
  • Empty Egg Carton
  • 12 Different Colored Plastic Eggs (be sure they fit in the carton)
  • Sharpie to label the Eggs 1-12
  • Crayons, Colored Pencils, Scissors
  • Items for inside eggs - I have included my ideas below, but feel free to use ideas of your own based on what is readily available to you.

The Eggs

1. Palm Branches and Donkey (Matt. 21:1-9) - We found a piece of clip art that we could cut, color and place in the egg that had a donkey and palm branch.

2. 30 Pieces of Silver (Matt. 26:14-16) – Three dimes or nickels work well for this egg.

3. The Lord's Supper – Bread and Wine (Matt. 26:17-19, 26-28) – I found mini silver wine goblets at the dollar store in the wedding section and used tan model magic to mold a loaf of bread (though the kids insisted my bread looked like a finger).

4.Rooster, Peter's Denial (Matt. 26:33-35) – Again we used a clip art of a rooster and printed them out to color, cut and place in the egg.

5. Crown of Thorns (Matt. 27:28-31) – For the crown I used tan pipe cleaner and wrapped silver wire around to simulate thorns.  

6. Cross (John 19:16-22) – The tan pipe cleaner was used for the cross as well.

7. Sign – This Is Jesus, The King of the Jews (Matthew 27:37) – Another print out to cut and color.

8. Sponge soaked in Vinegar – (Matthew 27:48) – I used a tan sponge, cut into a small enough piece, but I did not place vinegar on the sponge.  I did pass around the vinegar for the children to smell.

9. Casting Lots for Jesus' Robe (John 19:23-24) – I cut a piece of purple felt and placed two dice with it in the egg. (not sure why I have yellow dice)

10. Linen Cloth for Jesus' Burial (Matt. 27:57-60) – I cut a piece of white linen.

11. A Stone Was Placed in Front of the Tomb (Matt. 28:1-4) – Very simply used a stone from my driveway.

 12. Empty!  He Has Risen!!! (Matt. 28:5-10)

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  1. Laura, this is such a cute idea!!! So easy to do, even i can manage it :) I think i'll wait until next year, as Ty won't understand much of it...